Access Control


Access control systems give you the power to protect your home or business by granting access only to those you choose. Often integrated with other security systems such as alarms or CCTV, access security gives you the power to significantly reduce the risk of intrusion to your home or business. Tritech Security have a great deal of experience installing access control systems and will be glad to help you protect your home or business by finding the right system for you.

  •  You choose who building access is granted to

  • Know exactly who is coming and going and when they do so

  • Integrate with other systems for maximum security


If you already have access security but need to enhance this we are able to seamlessly update your current system, meaning that you won’t need to carry around several different cards or pins. We are also able to install complete new systems incorporating one or more of the following:

  •  Key Pads A simple pin code means that only those in the know will get through the door. Perfect for domestic use or for small businesses

  • Proximity Cards Ideal for the busy office or any area to which entry needs to be controlled. Users scan the card for entry and the system records the user as well as the date and time of their entry. Proximity cards are also useful for tracking the movements of staff

  • Third Party Integration To control/monitor but are not limited to memberships e.g. Gyms, internet access, CBUS and time billing etc. Fully automated

  • Software Control your access control system yourself. Assign access levels, time zones, holidays and even start and end periods of access. Print off reports on doors or user activities.

Some of the Brands of Systems on offer to you are;-

  • Challenger

  • Bosch

  • Insight

  • Integriti

  • Concept

  • Salto

  • Inner Range