Tritech Security can defend your home against the threat of intruders in a number of ways. Whether you need a home alarm system, alarm monitoring, intercom system, access control, CCTV we are able to put everything that you need to feel safe into place. We understand that everyone’s needs are different and we have an extensive knowledge of the many different home security solutions on the market. Our experience and expertise will enable us to advise you on the system will best suit your needs and budget.

Range of home security options including alarms, alarm monitoring, smoke detectors, video & audio Intercoms, CCTV either analogue or digital and access control.




Whether you require tight CCTV monitoring to keep an eye on your retail shop floor or access control to ensure optimum office security, we have the expertise to install your commercial security system in a way that will be effective while not interfering with the appearance or functionality of your work space. If you are constructing new premises we will happily work with your builders to integrate your business security system into the area. If you need to update an existing security system or implement one from scratch in an existing building, we are able to design the commercial security solution that will ensure your stock, your office and your staff are at their most secure.


  •  24 Hour alarm monitoring means constant protection for your business

  • CCTV acts as a deterrent and allows easy identification of criminals

  • Access Control lets you know exactly who is coming and going

  • Avetta Accredited for all NSW Police and Justice Department work

  • Gallagher Accredited Technicians for all your Installations and Service Work  




Warehouses, workshops and other industrial sites often contain a company’s most valuable equipment and as such are a prime target for thieves. Make sure that your industrial property is adequately protected by getting Tritech Security to install your industrial security system. Our expert knowledge and more than twelve years’ experience means that we will target the exact security needs of your industrial property and take all the necessary measures to ensure its absolute protection.


  •  Your valuable stock or machinery is secure

  • Every corner of your industrial site observed and protected

  • OHS issues covered


We are experienced at working with every kind of industrial situation, from large areas such as warehouses to more spatially challenging sites. Whatever the size and shape of your industrial property, we are able to customize a solution that will cover all your industrial security needs.




Product Brands that we can supply are:

 - Hills Reliance

 - Bosch Solutions

 - Tecom Challanger

 - DSC

 - Concept Systems